Just Starting out?

If you are just thinking about a career or direction for your life, check out our Choosing a Major and Career page.

Working with a "Mentor" can give you ideas about future careers and open doors to opportunities. DREAM offers Mentor Mondays sessions to learn from leaders about their experiences and guidance.

DO-IT at the University of Washington offers links to several online mentoring programs

Working While in College. Internships.

Our Careers page has lots of links to employment and internship opportunities designed specifically for college students with disabilities.

If you have disability accommodations in school, know that you have a right to them in internships, student teaching and jobs while in college. while your Disability Resources office can verify your accommodations, you often have to arrange for them with your supervisor directly.

The free Careers and the Disabled magazine has good information about on-the-job strategies, as well as employment opportunities.

Going to Work.

Know Your Employment Rights - Information from the EEOC

The Job Accommodation Network is the go-to resource of information for employers and workers with disabilities. They offer extensive technical assistance and guidance on accommodations and employment strategies.