Be sure to also see our list of national organizations and federal agencies working on disability and higher education.


Black Disabled & Proud

Resources and training for students and professionals, offered by the HBCU Disability Consortium and AHEAD .


DREAM (Disability Rights, Education Activism, and Mentoring) is a national organization and online cultural center, for and by college students with disabilities, that advocates for disability culture, community, and pride. They also maintain lists of campus disability organizations across the country.

Delta Alpha Pi Honor Society

Founded in 2004, Delta Alpha Pi is a national honor society for post-secondary students with disabilities. There are 170 chapters and growing all over the U.S. DAPi recognizes academic achievement and fosters leadership skills among students with disabilities.

Disability-Specific and Beyond

National Deaf Center

NDC's mission is to support postsecondary outcomes for people who are deaf, deafblind, deaf disabled, hard of hearing, or late deafened.

LD Online

Through articles and multimedia training, LD OnLine seeks to help children and adults reach their full potential by providing accurate and up-to-date information and advice about learning disabilities and ADHD.

Asperger/Autism Network

Through information, education, community, support, and advocacy, AANE works with individuals, families, and professionals to help people with Asperger Syndrome and similar autism spectrum profiles build meaningful connected lives.

Bazelon Center

Excellent information on Campus Mental Health for college and university students.


A national organization providing education, advocacy, and support for people affected by ADHD.

The DO-IT Center

Based at the University of Washington, DO-IT is a one-stop shop of resources, tools, and training for people with disabilities of all ages, educators, employers, researchers, and others. The Faculty Room helps instructors learn and implement universal design principles.

Parents & Families


A parent-to-parent network, PACER seeks to expand opportunities for families of children and young adults with disabilities.

LDA Learning Disabilities Association of America

Parents and professionals networking to foster opportunities for students and support research in LD.

Professional & Government

Association on Higher Education And Disability (AHEAD)

AHEAD is the premiere professional association committed to full participation of persons with disabilities in postsecondary education. Publisher of the Journal of Postsecondary Education and Disability .


Access Technology Higher Education Networkis a network of higher education professionals committed to improving accessibility for students, faculty, staff, and administrators.

US Department of Education, Office for Civil Rights

OCR ensures equal access to education by oversight and enforcement of non-discrimination legislation.