This page has a list of resources for current and prospective students diagnosed with mental illness, emotional illness, psychiatric disabilities, and related conditions, including depression, anxiety, and PTSD. This page is also for high school students with "Emotional or Behavioral Disorders" who plan to attend college. Click here to return to the full list of disability-specific resources.

Managing a Mental Health Condition in College, guidance from NAMI

Active Minds encourages students and college personnel to Transform Your Campus policies about things like Leaves of Absence and more. Includes guides that you can request and download.

Overview of mental illnesses designed for professionals and families.


"It's Real: College Students and Mental Health "

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A tale of mental illness | Elyn Saks:

Law professor Elyn Saks talks about her schizophrenia and how supportive friends, family, and workplace made a difference


  • Saks, Elyn. The Center Cannot Hold: My Journey Through Madness.
  • Price, Margaret. Mad at School: Rhetorics of Mental Disability and Academic Life.
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  • Some information about mindfulness apps - some are helpful, others are not effective.
  • Memory aids

In the News

Anxiety ‘epidemic’ brewing on college campuses, researchers find (Berkeley News)

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‘Active Minds’ Creates Safe Space For College Students To Discuss Mental Health | NBC Nightly News: