Most of the NCCSD Clearinghouse is committed to general disability information, emphasizing what students with different disabilities have in common and building community among them. The NCCSD has had many requests for disability-specific information, so this page provides resources based on common categories of disability.

For additional information, please see our list of national organizations, our resources for veterans, and inter-sectional resources for students with disabilities who have various identities based on race, gender, and religion.

Professors and teaching assistants are encouraged to check out our information for instructors. You can also use the search box to search the whole Clearinghouse.

Books of Interest

  • Fiddle, Linda Walder and Ne'eman, Ari. Empowering leadership: A systems change guide for autistic college students and those with other disabilities.
  • Kim, Eunyoung and Aquino, Katherine. Disability as diversity in higher education.
  • Shapiro, J. P. No pity: People with disabilities forging a new civil rights movement.