COVID-19 Resources for Students During the 2022-2023 Academic Year

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Disability Rights at College During COVID-19 Pandemic:

  • Be sure to check out the NCCSD's information about COVID-19 that's specifically for people with disabilities (including information about social security and Medicaid).
  • Mental health resources:
  • Tips for prospective students choosing a college or just starting college during the pandemic, from disability services providers in the UK . Also, be sure to check our CeDaR database and resources for prospective students.
  • Advice for your Financial Aid package if you need to leave campus and guidance from the US Financial Aid website about COVID-19 and issues related to financial aid (including forbearance).
  • Online courses:
  • Accommodations and disability documentation during a pandemic:
  • Your legal rights as a student with a disability during the pandemic:
  • Equity issues:
  • If you are living with parents:
  • Things to know as your campus is re-opening:
    • Contact your disability services office if you have a compromised immune system or a disability that may worsen if you return to campus, to see if online accommodations or options are available. If you have family members or children and need to stay home, also talk with disability services about this. They can give you resources on campus that can address these issues. This varies by campus and sometimes by course, so check early!
    • Ask your campus about policies for wearing masks and social distancing.
    • Talk with Financial Aid, any organization funding grants for you, and vocational rehabilitation (if you work with them) to find out what happens if you need to take a medical leave due to illness, or if your campus opens or re-closes.
    • Find out what the cleaning policies are for student spaces, residential halls, offices, and other places on campus.
    • Learn about medical leaves. How do you get one and what is required for returning students?
    • Be sure close relatives and/or friends know how to contact disability services and anyone else who will need notification if you get sick (like financial aid, service provider agencies, the registrar, or an adviser). Some campuses will handle that for you, but some will not.
    • If you planned to study abroad or do an internship, field placement, or externship, find out if these are happening and how you will stay safe.
    • If other students or professors get sick, what are your campus policies? Where/how will students quarantine so they do not have to expose roommates, be in eating areas, or share bathrooms?
    • If you have an emotional support animal or service animal, plan how the animal will get care if you become sick on campus.
    • Plan how you will get home or find a place to live if your campus closes again.
    • If you use in-person services on campus (e.g., a PCA, scribes, interpreters, readers), then find out how they will help keep you safe (like wearing masks), and whether these will still be available. Some services may be replaced by online or digital options to protect service providers.
    • If your campus can't answer any of your questions, then ask when policies will be ready.
    • We are not attorneys and do not offer legal advice. If you need legal assistance, you can contact the NCCSD and we will help you find general resources if you need them.