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If you have questions about your courses, coaching, transferring credits, dealing with faculty, talking about your disability in class, or how to learn effectively by leveraging the strengths of your personality and disability, you'll find information on our Academics page.

Disability Resources & Law

Need accommodations? Are disability services not making sense or not working out well? Maybe you need help understanding the law and what you're entitled to receive. We even have tips for you in using accommodations well. You can also learn about the differences between the laws for disabled students in high school vs. college, which may help explain things if you're a new college student.

Paying for College

Information about financial aid, scholarships for students with disabilities, considerations with Social Security, and related information.

Getting Involved & Navigating Campus

This is where you can read about all the non-academic aspects of campus and how to get involved: student organizations, study abroad, the Greek system, and athletics.

Disability. Identity & Personal Issues

This is where we share resources about personal issues. Are you wondering if you even have a disability? Are you hating the term "disability"? Maybe you want diversity resources or information about disability and Deaf culture. Or you're experiencing bullying or a crisis. Or you want to become an agent of change and begin improving the campus climate. Maybe you just want to learn about sex, drugs, staying healthy, or getting a date. Start here!.