A Home Away from Home: Understanding Housing Accommodations

Requesting Housing Accommodations

If you are going to live in on-campus housing and need some support, you can request housing accommodation. Housing accommodations are designed to give you the same access to the campus housing experience as students without disabilities.

The first step in getting housing accommodations is to check out the Residential Life or Housing website to find their procedure and form for requesting disability accommodations. Sometimes it's hard to find, so do a search or call them.

Many colleges require you to fill out a housing accommodations form. These differ from college to college, but generally, the form asks you to describe what type of accommodation you need, how it relates to your disability, and why it is necessary.

Next - or at the same time - register with your disability services office and submit documentation to show your need for housing accommodations (see our Prove It! module for more details). You can register for academic accommodations in the same meeting if needed.

In order to receive housing accommodations, be sure to contact your disability services office as early as possible. Your disability services office usually works with your college’s residence life office to review housing accommodation requests. They will need time to make arrangements, particularly if any physical modifications are required.

Be sure to pay attention to your school’s deadlines for housing accommodation requests! Usually, for Fall, you need to apply in early Spring. You apply for housing in Spring and get your room assignment in late Summer. Learn more about types of housing accommodations next.

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Learn more about disability accommodations and Disability Services at the NCCSD Clearinghouse!

Types of Accommodations