Fostering a Disability-Friendly Campus: What You Can Do

Creating an inclusive climate is everyone's responsibility.

Students with disabilities continue to represent about 11% of the college student body in the US. Colleges and universities have made great strides in becoming more accessible in their buildings and programs, and seem to understand compliance with disability laws.

Still, students with disabilities face ignorance, lack of awareness, stigma, and sometimes outright hostility on their college campuses. Administrators, faculty, staff, and non-disabled students need to keep examining personal and institutional attitudes about disability to find ways to develop and foster respect for all students.

Disability Service offices are great resources to meet individual student needs and bring awareness to faculty and others, but they can't be the sole office responsible for students with disabilities.

Establishing and maintaining a healthy climate on campus for all students, including those with disabilities is a shared responsibility.

We offer some strategies and tips for administrators, faculty, and students to work in tandem with Disability Services to do this important work.

Disability Services & Administration