On this page you'll find materials that NCCSD produces that you may freely print for your use, or hand out to others.

The posters and brochures below are available for free. You can download these to your computer and print them out yourself on your printer, or send the files to your campus Printing Services, FedEx Office(tm) or other local printing service.

To enlarge to 11 X 17 poster size, it usually works to choose 129% enlargement in your Print options.

If you have questions, or need other file types or assistance with downloading these, please contact the NCCSD at nccsd@ahead.org.

NCCSD is not responsible for fees incurred for printing.

NCCSD Posters

NCCSD Promotional Poster PDF

Desk design with NCCSD URL and other features

NCCSD Crisis Resource Poster PDF

List of key crisis resources with phone numbers and web addresses

Blue Guy Poster PDF

Key text: "Disability: Not Just a Blue Guy Using a Wheelchair."

Diversity Poster PDF

Key text: "Diversity without disability isn't diverse enough."

Cheering Prof Poster PDF

Key text: "Learn about disability without committees...go ahead and cheer, professor."

DREAM Posters

7 Strategies for Social Change Poster PDF

Adapted for the 2018 Disabled & Proud: Leading Change Conference, October 11-13, 2018

Be An Ally Poster PDF

Key text: "Be an Ally. Learn. Eliminate ableism."


Key text: "The Online Community for College Students with Disabilities"


Key text: "Make a Difference for Disabled People and College Students with Disabilities" and Twitter campaigns for the disability vote.

Accessibility 101 Poster PDF

Key text: List defining ways of doing/not doing access. "Access is a Civil Right and the Right Thing to Do."

Ten Tips Poster PDF

Key text: List of tips for students with disabilities from students with disabilities

NCCSD & DREAM Brochures

Original NCCSD Clearinghouse brochure PDF

For 8 1/2 x 11 paper. Use tri-fold (2 folds dividing paper into 3 parts.

Original DREAM brochure PDF

For 8 1/2 x 11 paper. Use tri-fold (2 folds dividing paper into 3 parts.

Original NCCSD brochure PDF

Our original brochure. For 8 1/2 x 11 paper. Use tri-fold (2 folds dividing paper into 3 parts.

HBCU Disability Consortium Posters

These posters are also available at the HBCU Disability Consortium Website .

All Black Lives Poster PDF

Key text: "All Black Lives Matter: Strength and Power through Community"

Not Special Help Poster PDF

Key text: "Rights. Not Special Help" with "ADA" and "504" in the background.

Smartest Thing Poster PDF

Key text: "Getting mental and emotional support is the smartest thing you may do this semester" with infographic.

Civil Rights Poster PDF

Key text: Disability rights are civil rights" with image of MLK and people with disabilities in background and foreground.