The titles below are available for purchase from the Association on Higher Education And Disability (AHEAD) .

Beyond Transition: An Interactive Workbook for College-Bound Students with LD and ADHD)

Mary Barrows, Jennifer Newton and Emily Collins

This interactive workbook is designed to guide you, a student with a learning disability (LD) and/or attention deficit disorder (ADHD), as you develop from a successful high school student to a successful college student.

Beyond Accommodations: Strategies for College Students with LD and ADHD

Mary Barrows, Jennifer Newton and Emily Estep

Many DRC staff provide additional academic support to students with LD, ADHD, and other disabilities to assist them in becoming skilled learners. In workbook format, Beyond Accommodations provides DRC providers and others with basic information and resources to use with students for strategy instruction, self-awareness, and advocacy skills.

The Essential Six, Volume One A Parent's Guide: How to Pave the Road to Self-Advocacy for College Students with Learning Differences

Lorri Comeau & Mickey Cronin

The debut volume of The Essential Six series focuses on the development of self-advocacy skills for students with learning differences, and how parents can help encourage and support their son(s) or daughter(s) along the way. This publication presents useful information to simplify the transition from high school to college through definitions of complex disability-related vocabulary, lists of questions that parents can ask their children to foster self-advocacy skills, and appendices with online resources and recommended readings for further research. High School guidance counselors, transition specialists, and college DRC personnel will find the information useful for their work with students as well

Winning at Math: Your Guide to Learning Mathematics Through Successful Study Skills (5th Edition) (Academic Success Press)

Paul Nolting, Ph.D.

The new 5th edition of Winning at Math has been redesigned to read easier, while still featuring in-depth analysis in areas such as test anxiety, math anxiety, as well as the attitudes required to persist through a math course. Other areas of the book have been expanded to enhance the learning experience of students as they explore how to improve How to Reduce Test Anxiety CD attached to the inside back cover.

Ready, Set, Go: Helping Students with Learning Disabilities Prepare for College (2011 Edition)

With new content, this brochure covers consideration and preparation for the student with learning disabilities in the transition beyond high school. It offers a list of 20 activities and necessary steps ranging from testing to independence to advocacy for students with learning disabilities to take as they prepare themselves for higher education.