There are a few disability-related considerations for researchers -- especially those who hope to have people with disabilities as research participants, or those who plan to have researchers and research assistants with disabilities. Here are a few resources to get you started.

Online surveys

Tips for making online surveys more accessible for people using computers to read them, from University of California

Budgeting for Accommodations

As far as we know, there are currently no online or printed guides for researchers about how to budget for accommodations. We do recommend talking to your campus Disability Resource Center about anticipated costs and advice on budgeting appropriately. Also check with your supervisor or Dean to determine whether indirect costs or the university/organization will pay for any of the accommodations (or split expenses).

Disability workplace accommodations may be needed for staff who are hired for projects. Examples of these might include: workstation modifications, furniture or equipment, computer accessibility, conversion of print material to accessible formats, sign language interpreting or other communication access for meetings or research activities, etc. Similar accommodations might be required for focus groups or other interactions with project participants. Any or all of these accommodations might be needed for your project.

Designing Accessible Websites