As parents of a college-bound child, your first reaction is:

"You made it!"

"We're proud of you!"

Your second reaction may be:

"Now what?"

The featured resources below can give you further information about the transition to, and through, college for students with disabilities.

Make sure to visit the Publications page as well to find helpful books and materials about maximizing the college experience. Feel free to also search this site with the search box on the right. Much of the information you need to get started is right here.

General lessons learned from Grown & Flown

We also recommend the parent and family resources at the Black, Disabled and Proud website - they aren't just for Black or African American parents!

The PACER Center has a wide variety of information, tips, publications and resources on their website designed for parents of disabled children.You can contact PACER with your specific questions as well.

Learn about parents' access to college student educational records at the US Department of Education FERPA FAQ page.

In addition to enforcing non-discrimination laws through advocacy, the US Department of Education offers information, & guidance about attending college with a disability.

The Think College project promotes postsecondary options for students with intellectual disabilities. Their website offers resources and publications to help you prepare for education and career beyond high school.

Need help in financing a college education? Check out our Paying for College page.

College Autism Spectrum (CAS) offer information, training and support to students and parents as they navigate the college setting.