New Student Orientation & Welcome Week Toolkit

Orientation is one of a campus' best opportunities to show students its academic excellence, spirit and values. One value is a commitment to diversity.

Students, faculty and staff with disabilities are part of that diversity. Campuses would do well to plan accessible events and include the disability community in planning and activities to foster a warm welcome to all students.


Have you planned New Student Orientation activities and materials with accessibility in mind?

Check out our planning tips for ideas.

Be in touch with your campus Disability Resource Center to request sign language interpreters or for other assistance. Be aware that they often need lead time to arrange for accommodations and services.

Welcoming Students

Messaging that includes students with disabilities is an important component of NSO activities and events.

If your campus has a student group or groups for students with disabilities, contact them to be involved. Visit the Student Organization page at DREAM: Disability Rights, Education, Activism, and Mentoring for a list of groups that they know about.

Background Reading

Read more about improving the Campus Climate for Students with Disabilities at colleges and universities in a 2017 research brief.

We created our Be An Ally poster for you to put up and distribute to all students, to encourage them to learn ally skills and stand with disabled students.

You can download it and other posters at our Publications page.