Some people with disabilities are very comfortable talking about disability, and others are not. Even the language varies: are you "telling" people about disability, "disclosing" a disability, or "coming out" about your disability? Some people don't even like the word "disability" and Deaf people consider themselves part of a culture first. For those of you who are considering how you feel about it, here are a few resources.

Video from the Web version of this publication:

Disability Disclosure:

A video about disability disclosure in college, work and social settings, by the Career Learning Center of the Black Hillls (captioned; no audio description)

Disability & Admissions

Talking with Friends

There are few resources explaining how to talk about disability with your friends, but here are a few resources to share with friends once you've told them:

Talking with Faculty

Tips for how to talk about your disability and accommodation letters with professors (video is captioned; no audio description)

Talking with Employers

General Resources

Although using the word "disclosure" can imply disability is an inherently negative thing, the following resources may be helpful: