Learn tips and information about academics as a college student with a disability, whether you’re currently a student or preparing for the future. If you need additional help, contact us or use the Search feature.

Getting Ready for Fall

Whether you’re a returning student or a new one, here are some tips and resources to help you prepare for fall semester.

Study Tips

This page offers tips for developing organizational skills, studying, and notetaking.

Choosing a Major and Career

Remember that most campuses have career services or career counseling offices if you have questions or need help choosing a major. Or if you have a field of interest, ask people in that field about which major might help you get a job.

Universal Design

This page provides information on universal design in teaching, learning, and technology.

Information for Online Students

Students with disabilities can find online classes to be a flexible, accessible alternative to traditional on-campus classes. This page includes things to think about before enrolling in online education, and tips for attending virtual classes.

Online Classroom Accommodations

This page is in development.